When is the Best Time to Visit Tasmania?

Tasmania is a great place to visit since it has four seasons, more than any other Australian site. Tourists can have a different experience depending on what season or time of year they call. In other words, the best time will depend on what type of adventure or experience you want to engage in. Here are a few suggested activities for each of Tasmania’s seasons. 


The dry and warm period in Tasmania is from December to February, and many people suggest that this period is the best time to explore and experience Tasmania. Summer is also the peak of the tourist season, so expect many tourist and more expensive accommodations. 

There is are a lot of outdoor activities and cultural activities during the summer season. It is also the best time to do multiple trekking days through Tasmania’s various hiking locations such as Cradle Mountain, Three Capes Track and Wellington Park. However, expect the parks to be full of other hikers who want to enjoy the fantastic landscape as they hike the different trails. 

During this period, festivals like The Taste Of Tasmania, the most prominent and longest-running food and wine festival in Australia, are held with thousands of visitors attending the festivities. The festival also features performances & live music, and local gourmet amidst the waterfront’s stunning views. The guys at Bathroom Renovations Newcastle are proud supporters of this festivals.


The Autumn season starts from March to May and is characterized by sunny days and a season for pacific oysters, yachting and wine. The autumns are known for their colourful landscape when the Tasmanian beech turns its leaves from gold to red in preparation for the impending return of the winter season. There are plenty of affordable accommodations available during the Autumn season. Visitors can also participate in several local activities such as Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania Garlic and Tomato Festival, Derwent Valley Autumn Festival and many others. 


Winter is also an excellent time to visit Tasmania with snow on higher elevations, a glimpse of Aurora Australis or Southern Lights, and an incredible array of scallops and truffles. Winter is also a great time to relax and enjoy the indoors over a hot cup of tea while sitting next to a warm fire. Celebrate the Antarctica Midwinter Festival and the Longest Film Festival with locals. There are also several ski resorts available for visitors and plenty of reasonable accommodations. Make sure to check the ski resorts’ schedules for more details since some are closed during the winter season. 


Spring would be an excellent opportunity for visitors to see the blooming of flowers such as tulips. The season is also characterized by fresh, cool and green countryside and the fragrance of fresh flowers. Visitors can join the Tulip festivals and witness the flowers blooming in historic houses and flower farms. Visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden and see many plants in full bloom. Join the Devonport Food and Wine Festival, Blooming Tasmania Flower & Graden Festival and Blooming Tulips Festival. Spring is an excellent opportunity to visit Tasmania’s must-see sights while there are still fewer people around compared to the summer season. 

Is Tasmania a suitable family holiday destination?

Tasmania, or Tassie, is located near Australia’s southern tip and has a total area of 68,401 square kilometres. Tasmania’s main island is the worlds’ 26th largest island, approximately 64,519 square km, separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait. 

Tasmania’s population as of June 2002 is around 540,000, with about 40% of the people residing within its capital Hobart City. Tasmania is unique since approximately 42% of its land area are protected areas, which means guests can enjoy many national parks and World Heritage Sites in the area. 

Is Tasmania a suitable holiday destination for families

Tasmania has fascinating outdoor scenery that families will enjoy. Its wide array of attractions such as national parks, ancient rainforest, beautiful beaches, wildlife refuge and enchanted views will surely make the stay in Tasmania worthwhile. 

Tasmania is a great place to visit with the whole family. It has attractions that will keep kids entertained without spending too much money. Here are some attractions for kids and the entire family. 

The Don River Railway

Tasmania is home to the Don River Railway train, which features a steam train or vintage railcar that runs parallel to the Don River banks. The railway is the last commercials passenger train system in Tasmania and offers a picturesque view of the Don river and Tasmanian countryside. 

Located in Davenport, Tasmania, the 3.5-kilometre train ride is run entirely by volunteers. The 30 minutes ride will pass through the scenic Coles beach and a beautiful nature reserve. Kids can also have friendly interactive conversations with the train drivers about how the train is operated and Northern Tasmania’s history. 

The Don River Railway is also home to Tasmania’s biggest historic train collection, a museum workshop and a signal station. Kids and their families can enjoy looking at the twenty vintage passenger trains that date back to 1871. The kids’ tour highlights the large coin-activated model trains that go around with its beautifully detailed small track. 

The train rides run hourly from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm every day and cost $38 per family. The price includes and the train ride and the entry to the other attractions. Don River Railway is located just a few minutes by taxi or bus from central Davenport. 

Seahorse World

The highlight of the tour to Seahorse World is the 45 minutes guided tour that offers a behind-the-scenes look at a seahorse farm and fish feeding. But seahorses are not the only animals in the park; there are also other sea creatures on display in their wonders of the Southern Ocean aquarium. 

The seahorse has always been a fascinating marine animal, and the Seahorse World will let visitors experience the delicate balance in conserving the beautiful nu fragile marine animals. The park is open every day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm from September to April, and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm from May to August.

Penny Royal Adventure

For families looking for a fun adventure, Penny Royal Adventures is the best place to visit and have the kids play all day long. Upon entering the adventure park, visitors would experience being transported back to the 1800s with its heritage stone buildings, rugged cliff and a beautifully restored Brig Tamar that runs around the lagoon.

Kids will undoubtedly find something to do with the park’s rock climbing school, cliff climbing adventure, ziplining and other fun activities. Penny Royal Adventure has a unique combination of fun outdoor activities combined with a great history lesson. The park is one of the top destinations in Launceston, and families should stay for at least four hours so kids can try all the attractions. 

Penny Royal Adventures is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Weekends. An all Adventure Pass where visitors can try everything in a single day cost A$69.00.